A monthly delivery of our Light Fruit and Cheese Club
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Light Fruit and Cheese Club price list:
2 to 3 Months: $39.95/month 2 months - $79.90
3 months - $119.85

4 to 7 Months: $35.95/month 4 months - $143.80
5 months - $179.75
6 months - $215.70
7 months - $251.65

8 to 11 Months: $33.75/month 8 months - $270.00
9 months - $303.75
10 months - $337.50
11 months - $371.25

Best Value! 12 months $379.95 - just $31.66/month

Light Fruit and Cheese Club


Fruit with One Amazing Cheese Each Month.
Our light-sized version of our newest club features peak of the season fruit at its best - with amazing artisan cheeses! Customize a gift that is sure to please. Send club shipments any months you choose with your choice of cheese options for each delivery month. The first shipment includes a gift announcement detailing contents and delivery months with your personal message. Every month includes premium fruit and your choice of cheese, plus ripening instructions and cheese tasting notes.

1. Send To:

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2. Start Month & Delivery Date:

Choose the month you would like to begin your club deliveries.

Click on a calendar date to select the delivery date and shipping method for the first shipment only. All subsequent shipments will be delivered during the second week of each month.


Aug 16

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2 Day - $9.95
Overnight - $29.95
Saturday Delivery - $39.95

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3. Choose months and monthly selections:

Make your selection for your Start Month. If you're not ordering the 12-month club, you can choose any other months of the year. Months need not be sequential. To select the remaining months/options, simply click on the button by the selection you'd like within that month.

  • August 2016 - Start Here

    Yellow Peaches (2.5 lbs) with:

  • September 2016

    Red Sensation and Bartlett Pears (2.5 lbs) with:

  • October 2016

    Figs and Green Seedless Grapes (2 lbs) with:

  • November 2016

    Fuji and Granny Apples (2.5 lbs) with:

  • December 2016

    Comice Pears (2.5 lbs) with:

  • January 2017

    Honey Crisp Apples (2.5 lbs) with:

  • February 2017

    Beurre Bosc Pears (2.5 lbs) with:

  • March 2017

    Red Grapes (2.5 lbs) with:

  • April 2017

    Pink Lady Apples (2.5 lbs) with:

  • May 2017

    Golden Comice Pears (2.5 lbs) with:

  • June 2017

    Colossal Bing Cherries (2 lbs) with:

  • July 2017

    White Nectarines and Black Plums (2.5 lbs) with:

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