Dried Fruit and Nuts Gourmet Gifts

We hand pack all our own dried fruit trays and gourmet snack packs in small batches so they are always fresh.

  • AP8028, Simply Dried Fruit Gift Tray


  • AP8018, Extravagance Dried Fruits and Nuts Tray


  • AP8055, Dried Fruit and Nuts on Bamboo Apple Shape Cutting Board Serving Tray


  • AP8065, Dried Fruit and Chocolate Nuts on Bamboo Cutting Board Serving Tray


  • Free Shipping

    AA6004, Festive Dried Fruit, Nuts and Sweets Tray


  • AP8076, Dried Fruit and Gourmet Snacks Gift on Bamboo Cutting Board Serving Tray with Handles


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    AP8075, Dried Fruit Assortment with Almonds on Bamboo Cutting Board Serving Tray with Handles


  • AP8000, Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray Gift


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    AP8001, Pacific Coast Deluxe Dried Fruit Tray with Nuts Gift


  • AA6053, Sweet Bloom Dried Fruit Deluxe Basket


  • AP8054, 3 Lb Nuts Extravaganza Gift in Wooden Tray


  • AP8017, Flora Dried Fruit and Nut Tray


  • AA6051, Golden State Fruit Sweet Bloom Dried Fruit Basket


  • AP8007, Santa Cruz Dried Fruits with Savory and Chocolate Nuts Crate


  • Deliveries start Nov. 15

    AP8090, Dried Fruit and Nuts on Tree Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board


  • AP8014, Savory and Toffee Deluxe Nut Tray


  • AP8030, Dried Fruit and Butter Toffee Mixed Nuts in Pear Shape Bamboo Cutting Board


  • GC1005, Ceramic Party Dish with Dried Fruit & Nuts


  • Free Shipping

    AP8032, Dried Fruit on Heart Bamboo Serving Tray


  • AC2020, Dried Fruit and Nuts Gift Crate with Lid


  • Deliveries start Oct. 15

    AP8044, Sweet Extravagance Deluxe Chocolate, Nuts & Fruit Tray


  • AP8045, Sweet Extravagance Grand Chocolate, Nuts & Fruit Tray


  • AP8022, Savory, Sweet and Chocolate Deluxe Nuts Gift Tray


  • AP8016, Mosaic Dried Fruit Tray


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