Organic Fruit Baskets and Gifts

Our organic gift baskets contain several different fruits, chocolates, and other locally sourced ingredients.

  • RA4002, Organic Fruit, Sweets & Snacks Gift Basket


  • RA4012, Organic Fruit and Gourmet Holiday Gift Basket


  • RA4000, Organic Cali-Fresh Fruit Basket


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    RF1500, Golden State Organic Fruit and Snacks Club

    From $73.30

  • RB1009, Organic Sierra Fruit and Treats Gift Box


  • RA4007, Organic Napa Cider and Fruit Basket


  • RB2000, Organic Catalina Trio Grande Fruit Gift


  • RB1002, Organic Golden State Signature Fruit Gift Collection


  • RB2002, Organic Golden State Deluxe Fruit Gift Collection


  • RB2007, Organic D'Anjou Pears Ultimate Fruit Gift


  • RA4011, Organic Shades of Sweet Gift Basket


  • RA4009, Mendocino Organic Nut Gift Basket


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