Dried Fruit and Nuts Gifts

Our dried fruit, nuts and snack trays are welcomed gifts for any occasion. They're ideal for sharing or for enjoying over time. We hand pack all our own dried fruit trays and snack packs in small batches so they are always fresh and delicious.

  • AP8076, Dried Fruit and Gourmet Snacks Gift on Bamboo Cutting Board Serving Tray with Handles


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    AP8075, Dried Fruit Assortment with Almonds on Bamboo Cutting Board Serving Tray with Handles


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    AA6004, Festive Dried Fruit, Nuts and Sweets Tray


  • AP8000, Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray Gift


  • AP8029, Crunch 'n Munch Snack & Nut Variety Tray


  • AP8030, Dried Fruit and Butter Toffee Mixed Nuts in Pear Shape Bamboo Cutting Board


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    AP8001, Pacific Coast Deluxe Dried Fruit Tray with Nuts Gift


  • AP8045, Sweet Extravagance Grand Chocolate, Nuts & Fruit Tray


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    AP8032, Dried Fruit on Heart Bamboo Serving Tray


  • AP8055, Dried Fruit and Nuts on Bamboo Apple Shape Cutting Board Serving Tray


  • AP8007, Santa Cruz Dried Fruits with Savory and Chocolate Nuts Crate


  • AP8028, Simply Dried Fruit Gift Tray


  • AP8017, Flora Dried Fruit and Nut Tray


  • ATC0400, Treasure Trove Snacks Tower


  • AP8018, Extravagance Dried Fruits and Nuts Tray


  • GC1005, Ceramic Party Dish with Dried Fruit & Nuts


  • AP8054, 3 Lb Nuts Extravaganza Gift in Wooden Tray


  • AP8073, Fit for Snacking Dried Fruit & Nut Tray


  • AA6053, Sweet Bloom Dried Fruit Deluxe Basket


  • AC2020, Dried Fruit and Nuts Gift Crate with Lid


  • AP8090, Dried Fruit and Nuts on Tree Shaped Bamboo Cutting Board


  • AP8065, Dried Fruit and Chocolate Nuts on Bamboo Cutting Board Serving Tray


  • AP8044, Sweet Extravagance Deluxe Chocolate, Nuts & Fruit Tray


  • AP8012, Savory Favorites Assorted Nuts Tray


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