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Fruit Baskets  (All Results)

We have curated the tastiest collections of fresh gourmet gift baskets featuring the most beautiful fruit of our orchards paired with gourmet treats for all occasions including corporate gifts, get well soon, and birthday baskets. Our baskets are guaranteed to arrive fresh and delicious.

  • AA4103, All the Best Fruit Basket


  • AA4000, Harvest Gold Fruit Basket


  • AA4048, Holiday Chocolate, Nuts and Fresh Fruit Gift Basket


  • AA4102, Abundance Classic Fruit Basket


  • AA5005, Holiday Tidings Deluxe Gourmet Gift Basket


  • AB0003, Colossal Comice in Wooden Tree Crate


  • AA3015, Fresh Fruit, Cheese and Salami Gourmet Gift Basket


  • AA3034, Bountiful Gourmet Artisan Collection Fruit Basket


  • AB2055, Fresh Fruit, Cheese & Honeycomb Gift Box


  • AC3040, Fresh Fruit, Cheese & Charcuterie Crate


  • AA4050, Holiday Treasures Fruit and Gourmet Basket


  • AP8019, Cheese and Nuts Classic Fruit Basket


  • AP8019X, Merry Christmas Fruit and Gourmet Basket


  • AP8019H, Happy Holidays Fruit and Gourmet Basket


  • AA4000X, Merry Christmas California Bounty Fruit Gift Basket


  • AA5010X, Christmas Morning Family Brunch Fruit Basket


  • AA4101, The Classic Deluxe Fruit Basket


  • AA4026, Orchard Fresh Fruit Basket in Keepsake Woven Bowl


  • AA4101X, Merry Christmas Classic Deluxe Fruit Basket


  • AA4101H, Happy Holidays Classic Deluxe Fruit Basket


  • AA4094, Orchard Delight Fruit and Gourmet Basket


  • AA4094X, Merry Christmas Orchard Delight Fruit and Gourmet Basket


  • AA4094H, Happy Holidays Orchard Delight Fruit and Gourmet Basket


  • AA4016, California Farmstead Fruit Basket


  • AA4103H, Happy Holidays Fruit Favorites Basket


  • AA4103X, Merry Christmas Fruit Favorites Basket


  • AC2060, Red Comice in Wooden Christmas Tree Crate


  • RA4012, Organic Fruit and Gourmet Holiday Gift Basket


  • AA4102H, Happy Holidays Abundance Classic Fruit Basket


  • AA4102X, Merry Christmas Abundance Classic Fruit Basket


  • AA4070, Fresh Fruit Basket and Chocolates in Keepsake Woven Bowl


  • AA4068, Motherlode Grand Fruit and Gourmet Gift Basket


  • RA4002, Organic Fruit, Sweets & Snacks Gift Basket


  • AA4018, Generous Gourmet Market Favorites Fruit Basket


  • AA4061, Tropic Abundance Fruit Basket


  • WA400X, Grand Abundance Wine and Fruit Gift Basket

    From $127.95

  • AA4000B, Happy Birthday Fruit Basket


  • AA4072, Sweet Sunshine Citrus Basket


  • AA4072H, Happy Holidays Sweet Citrus Fruit Gift Basket


  • AA6051, Golden State Fruit Sweet Bloom Dried Fruit Basket


  • AA6053, Sweet Bloom Dried Fruit Deluxe Basket


  • RA4007, Organic Napa Cider and Fruit Basket


  • AA4056, Chocolate, Caramel and Crunch Grand Gift Basket


  • RA4000, Organic Cali-Fresh Fruit Basket


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