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California Dark Sweet Cherry Gifts

They're here! Just-harvested giant, Dark Sweet Cherries from our own orchards are available for a very limited time. Packed over ice for our gifts within hours of picking, and shipped overnight, you won't find cherries fresher than these anywhere else. Next Day shipping just $9.95 to ensure ultimate freshness upon delivery.

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    AF0500, Golden State DeLite Monthly Fruit Club

    From $ 56.00

  • Free Shipping

    AF1500, Golden State Premium Fruit Club

    From $ 72.00

  • Free Shipping

    RF1500, Golden State Organic Fruit and Snacks Club

    From $ 79.96

  • Free Shipping

    AF0600, LIGHT FRUIT & CHEESE CLUB (with 1 cheese)

    From $ 129.95

  • Free Shipping

    AF1600, Deluxe Fruit and Cheese Club (with 2 cheeses)

    From $ 159.95